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Associated Construction's design/build method has evolved in the three decades of partnership with our clients. The standard method involves hiring an architect to draw up plans and then bidding the project out to several different contractors.
We have often seen wonderfully designed projects that are never built because real cost information came into the picture too late to be useful. This can cause the builder and owner to become adversaries in a tug-of-war over cost issues.
Commercial Building

Extensive Designs and Construction Services

Associated Construction's method puts the builder, the architect, and the owner of the same team from day one. The builder is the single-source provider of both the design and construction services, eliminating any potential sources of conflict.
Because the builder is involved from the get-go, they can provide real cost information. With the builder providing input regarding costs from the initial concept, the design is based on a realistic budget, as well as the wants and needs of the client.
This method, while not for every client, provides for maximum owner involvement in the project. It can take longer and may require more decision making, but it will ultimately lead to a more satisfying project, arrived at through the cooperative efforts of all parties involved.
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Associated Construction has been providing design or build services to you for the last 45 years, and our staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have - including helping you decide if our approach is right for your particular project. Contact us today.
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